Faridabad Plots

SECTOR 75 BLOCK-P,Q,R,S,T PLOTS-250, 300, 500 SY
SECTOR 76 BLOCK-U, V, W, X, Y PLOTS-250, 300, 500 SY
SECTOR 84 BLOCK-H, J, K, L PLOTS-250,300,350,500 SY
SECTOR 85 BLOCK-A, B, C, D, E PLOTS-250,300,30,500  SCO PLOTS
Sector 89 BLOCK-G PLOTS-250, 350, 500 SY VILLAS

BPTP Plot’s Size

250 SY 9.15 * 22.86 SQ MT
300 SY 11.00 * 23.00 SQ MT
350 SY 10.67 * 27.3 SQ MT
500 SY 15.24 * 27.43 SQ MT
1000 SY 18.29 * 45.73 SQ MT

If you are looking to have your own plot in the key location in India and that should also be quite far away from various hassles of the most metropolitan cities? In case yes, so we highly welcome you to buy the key popular properties in the Faridabad which is known to be the NCR city.

Faridabad is known for their great base of industries, though it is also emerging as the hottest destination for property in NCR also. It is known as the famous emerging cities in entire India and so this is the reason that properties in Faridabad are now selling at great speed. In the last year it is observed that Faridabad Properties emerges as favourite destination for the property investors as well peoples seeking to live here.

The projects like BPTP Parklands (Freehold Plots) provides all the ultra modern as well as basic amenities that is required by the residennts now a days like Club including swimming pool and gymnasium, Park having water fountains, Children Park, Jogging tracks, 100 % security and water supply and other facilities.

We are located in the middle of Faridabad and the plots in Faridabad are the unmatchable properties in all respects. While considering the critical and adverse results of blind property deals can lead to major complications, we are one of the most prominent real estate promoters across India. The plots in faridabad we serve are like heaven of the day. We are well acquainted with higher demand of oriented residential plots. With vast number of real estate projects, India is considered as one of the efficacious and moneymaking country from property investment and plots in Faridabad is the most profitable sector in real estate industry.

With the impending announcement, we always welcome inputs from our valuable clients. We allow our valuable clients to receive timely notifications when any new research is published. We are one of the top super class's leading autonomous hub and pioneering extremely fast. Our website provides you a complete picture where, when and how to make a successful deal for the real estate properties in the segment of plots in faridabad. The plots are located in such peaceful societies that cover all your desires like transport coverage all around possibly, markets availability, lively neighborhood, parks, schools etc.

The first one is you will get rent free accommodation and secondly, you will become the owner of your home. Basis the subjected theme for an plot in our projects, the moment you book an plot, you will get two amazing benefits. Additionally, while staying nearby, you can pay attention towards your under construction home on daily basis to make it as per your choice. It will surely give you an amazing experience.

With the experience of more than 15 years it is also experienced by us that, consultancy of real estate is known to be really most challenging kind of job that requires the high level of assistance which should be perfectly dedicated and it needs expertise consultant who also provides the most trustworthy as well as the transparent deal to the clients with various kinds of solutions that helps to guide the clients to get property as per their need in the shortest time at most suitable as well as most competitive rates.

Following service is being offered:

We completely understand our duty being the consultant of real estate and provide all the assistance that you need in purchasing as well as selling of different kinds of properties that are available in the city of Faridabad and so you will have the below mentioned advantages :

  • We have a team of experienced as well as expert consultants of real estate that support us to provide the property that you are looking for.
  • We possess the huge as well as reliable kind of database of the sellers as well as inventors that gives the complete ready access in category of property that you are looking.
  • We also promise about the ethical practice as well as the transparent business to our clients.
  • We also Promise the Property Buyers that we will help you to buy the property of your needs and choice.
  • We will present the true and real information to the clients.

So, If you are also looking for Plot and Land around Faridabad city Please call us or EMAIL US so that our staff can get in touch with you.

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When you buy a property like plots, then there are many things that you need to look upon. Among them is the specifications offered. If you are really eager and as well as keen to invest some great amount in properties in this city, then may now search through the Internet for searching world class of the builders, promoters, constructors, agents of real estate as well as brokers to get your ultimate solution of real estate and also best kind of the property deals at most affordable rate. As per the report, for the reason of the high level of affordable the housing projects may now witness a great absorption of the property.


As an experience of more than 15 years we understand that, real estate consultancy is a challenging job which requires assistance dedicated and expert consultant who provides trustworthy and transparent deal to our clients with all the solutions that guide our clients to get the property of their need in minimum consumption of time at the most appropiriate and competetive rates.

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Deals offered by us to Buy Plots are made very quickly with high level of satisfaction. The monetary discussions can also be made through the telephone. In the ecommerce industry, everything has become automated, fastest and online. Our online websites play a remarkable role in making clients for exchanging real estate properties. We offer a plethora of real estate properties across Faridabad especially for PLOTS. We have abundance of spacious plots within affordable prices. We help our clients to manage easy payment plans or installments for their dream homes and for buying Plots of their choice considering their routine needs. It is being committed that you will be able to find plots of your choice on priority basis. We are known for the best talent in the world of real estate.

We offers following Services:

We understand our duty as real estate consultant and offers all the assistance you need in buying & selling all kinds of property in Faridabad and you have following advantages :

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Real estate programs and newly launched Plots are updated every hour. It is worth to seek recommendation from trustworthy real estate advisors like us for selling your existing plots/properties. In this digital marketing industry, keep watching online real estate portals to be familiar with the clients to Buy or Sell Plots. These developers will indeed give you a clear picture to buy/sell plots etc. up to the satisfaction level. Our main objective is to save your time, money, endeavors and discomfort while buying or selling the plots in Faridabad. We provide such eye catching plots in faridabad for sale with rich natural surroundings.

We are commenced over with the production capacity. Over the years, we have increased our capacity of selling plots with the help of available national footprints. Our work has pioneered the availability and supply capacity we deal with various national brands and also enjoy worldwide demand. We undertake transforming, real estate development and pre-eminently classy real estate properties in affordable prices. Our project and Selling Plots highlights are Luxury Spacious Flats, 24x7 Power Backup Facility etc.

In short span of time, we as named real estate consultant have been successfully servicing and serving the huge population with reputed properties according to their demand. We act as strong leaders of the real estate industry along with progressively growing. We are known for our goodwill in the market of real estate industry. Our projects of plots believe in delivering top class Plots with brand value amenities to its valuable customers by gigantic spontaneous enhancements and advancement of its skill sets and foundation competencies.

As an experience of more than 15 years we understand that, real estate consultancy is a challenging job which requires assistance dedicated and expert consultant who provides trustworthy and transparent deal to our clients with all the solutions that guide our clients to get the sell their property in minimum consumption of time at the most appropiriate and competetive rates.

We offers following Services:

We understand our duty as real estate consultant and offers all the assistance you need in buying & selling all kinds of property in Faridabad and you have following advantages :

  • Our team of experienced and expert real estate consulatnts support us to sell the property you desire.
  • We have vast and reliable database of buyers and invetors which gives a ready access in the category of property you are searching.
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Because of affordable property in the city of Faridabad and also simple availability, real estate of entire region is at its peak and highly flourishing. Proximity to Gurgaon as well as Delhi has even raised the worth of the properties available in Faridabad among the working professionals, and also entire corporate world also has shown a deep interest in the real estate market of Faridabad. As research reveals, the city, Faridabad will be the most happening and popular city in entire NCR region so, cost of the asset as well as the rents of the property are also gradually on rise. It is basically the suitable as well as most appropriate time when you can invest in properties in Faridabad for the reason of the prices that are rising constantly. The Residential properties, properties for rental in Faridabad, real estate as well as the commercial properties of Faridabad are known to be perfect place where you should invest. Apart from these, the quality of construction of real estates in this city is even very good.

With the approval from the metro linkage to the city of Faridabad from Badarpur as well as the building of Taj Expressway, complete connectivity of different area with Faridabad will also certainly improve and this is also going to be most affordable as well as preferable kind of destination in the near future. Another highway that is planned it called byepass road which starts from the Kalindi Kunj, and run completely parallel along with Agra Canal towards Mathura. The Residential real estate worth have also increased in highly posh sectors of the Faridabad particularly in Sector 14, in sector 15, in sector 16, as well as in sector 17, in an array of about 20-40 per cent in last few months, as per the reports. For example, residential plot and the capital values in the Sector number 14 have also increased from the price of Rs 25,000 each sq. ft, in the year May 2007 to about Rs 35,000 per sq yard in the year February 2008.

Social Media is the foremost promotional tool extensively used for real estate properties rapidly. The plots based on BPTP Maps we deal are pre-decided prior the construction of roads or other development work begins. The theme of nature is always strictly followed and then deployed. It is combined with the latest infrastructure technique, thereafter results in excellent savings on the electricity bills throughout the life. We have created a world around you to make a dream home on individual plots in Faridabad in affordable price. Our services and master plans include high reliability in terms of land, sorroudings and money. We follow the principle 'Excellence, Great Quality and Timely Delivery'. The unique set of tremendous features follows Unparalleled Concepts. We believe in Innovation, Multi-dimensional Realty Solutions and distinctive grand high Service Standards. We commit our promises from the beginning of showing or suggesting the plot till the time excellent property masterpieces are ready following the footprints of BPTP Maps. We have been striving in order to deliver the dream properties in the form of Plots in Faridabad to clients who approach us.

BPTP Maps have attained valued practices and experience in real estate industry along with assorted and admiring flair and aptitude from the gigantic system of high score mediators, economic foundations and a large amount of alleged real estate developers in India. The excellent real estate properties such as PLOTS add great value in the lives. All available plots and extensions are the eye catching, very attractive and easily affordable. On the other hand, attitude of Brokers has also increased in values to fact that level of occupancy are quite high at about 70-80 per cent as well as these sectors are also buoyant with different transactions in the life of real estate, and values are also increasing at the regular intervals. At the same time, these areas are also known to be better provided with the key facilities of infrastructure such as water, drainage, electricity, sewerage and other as compared to different sectors.



























Huda Plot Maps

Nothing could be certainly better than renting the commercial property located in Faridabad. Not just one of key as well as highly developed and renowned cities of Haryana, this city, Faridabad is even one of most urbanized cities in NCR and Delhi. The Commercial scenario in the city Faridabad has also developed at the most unbelievable rate and at the same time it is also on moving ahead. At the same time, there is various different kinds of the Commercial projects which are under the progress in Faridabad. Some of them are Local and some of them are also the national realtors that are now investing in commercial property of Faridabad. Such kind of commercial projects usually are as big and as quite elegant as residential projects which are coming in this city. There are several shopping arcades as well as malls, that are functional as well as many are in pipeline. All these points makes Faridabad to be the most unbeatable way of living and even quite favorable destination for people who are interesting in buying a plot or property.

We are famed for true real estate agents maintaining high quality and integrity standards in global, commercial and residential property recommendations. While considering the critical and adverse results of blind property deals can make the lives as hell. To avoid such situations, we always prefer hiring interactive, user friendly, genuine and honest real estate developer and we act on your behalf using HUDA Maps. We takes the ownership for buying or selling plots at expected negotiable rates so that you should feel satisfy with the deal. Besides this, we always keep reviewing the latest markets property trends etc. The real estate developers are working so hard for improving the sales graph of real estate in Faridabad following HUDA Maps. The real estate developers are expecting speedy recovery of the market slowdown. Social Media marketing and the online real estate websites are fully engaged for increasing the sales volume of real estate properties in different sectors.

Online websites and social media markets play an important role in increasing the sale volumes for the self-earned properties and for the rented accommodations. Small and big campaigns are organized by social media too. Always remember, the as a local dealers we have the clear cut outstanding of the real estate properties. We know about the societies, idea about the real estate market agenda etc. and follow HUDA Maps. Though we work for the clients to earn more and more commission, at least we should not misguide our clients to maximize our profits. This way our goodwill in the market goes on a toss. Faridabad usually had the high level of potential of being the most imperative centre for the activity of real estate and with several attractive with the residential as well as with the commercial projects that are coming up; it is also soon going to become most promising destinations for investment in India.




Faridabad Plots









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BPTP Parklands is the most premium as well as luxurious township in the city of Faridabad; it is well spread in nearly the area of 1800 acres of the land that is perfectly located close to completely developed Sectors of the city of Faridabad. On the other hand, the project mainly includes the Plots, apartments that are of Group Housing, Independent and completely Independent Floors, well equipped IT Parks as well as the Commercial Complex. With about 39 projects of the BPTP Group that are located in the Parklands, of the Faridabad city.

The special project for the BPTP Group provide you living of complete facilities such as Banks, Creche, Schools as well as the Playway schools, highly sophisticated Nursing homes, good size of the Community Centres, kids and Parks with the playing area available at the BPTP Parklands Faridabad. It is important to understand that BPTP parklands also have the key benefit of the location as being one of first as well as huge township of the Greater Faridabad. The complete network of some of the internal roads is developed for enhancing the complete connectivity of the sectors. This project is about 3 Kms far from National Highway number.2 and also the highway of FNG that is popularly known as Faridaabd-Noida-Ghaziabad and this is even not much far.

HIGHLIGHTS of the project:

  • The project is about 11 Km far from South Delhi.
  • The project is about 10 Km from the Badarpur flyover.
  • The project is just 3 Km far from the Metro Station
  • The project is 3 Km far from the main mathura road.
  • The project is about 23 Km far from the Ashram Chowk

AMENITIES offered by the project

  • The project has a few Parks that are easily accessed by people living there
  • The Flower Gardens are beautifully maintained
  • Jogging tracks help you to stay fit and healthy
  • Entire project is Vaastu Compliant
  • It has Gated high level of Security
SECTOR 75 III BLOCK-P,Q,R,S,T PLOTS-250, 300, 500 SY
SECTOR 76 III BLOCK-U, V, W, X, Y PLOTS-250, 300, 500 SY
SECTOR 84 II BLOCK-H, J, K, L PLOTS -250,300,350,500 SY
SECTOR 85 I BLOCK-A, B, C, D, E PLOTS-250,300,30,500 SCO PLOTS
Sector 89 II BLOCK-G PLOTS -250, 350, 500 SY VILLAS


250 SY 9.15 * 22.86 SQ MT
300 SY 11.00 * 23.00 SQ MT
350 SY 10.67 * 27.3 SQ MT
500 SY 15.24 * 27.43 SQ MT
1000 SY 18.29 * 45.73 SQ MT

HUDA HUDA, constituted by Government of Haryana under Act 1977 earlier established to look and take care of the urban planning and development in 1962.

Administrator, HUDA, Faridabad, HUDA Complex, Sector - 12, Faridabad, Ph. +91- 0129 - 2370084 (O)

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